Asset Integrity and Inspection

Asset Integrity Management, AIM, is a broad group of tools to maintain plant assets in a fit-for-service condition while extending these assets remaining life in the most cost effective, safe and reliable manner. Inspection services play a pivotal role in maintaining asset integrity and form one of the major components of a good asset management system.

We at TOPSCAN inspections limited delivers top-notch services to our clients right from the planning to the execution states in the asset integrity process cycle; and also help in monitoring the process. Our experienced team provides customized AIM system inspection processes and results and also in setting up and management of risk-based inspection (RBI) systems that is tailored to the specific needs of our client.

We also help our clients in setting up asset registers, facilities inspection management systems,  inspection and test plans, asset monitoring systems, Statutory in-service inspection monitoring systems and follow-up, failure analysis and control;  facility inspection surveillance.

With our team of engineers, inspectors and technicians, we provide AIM services helping our client in:

  • Safety improvement.
  • Reliability improvement.
  • Optimization of maintenance and inspection.
  • Life extension.
  • Mechanical and Structural integrity improvement.