Giving Back

TOPSCAN is committed to giving back to the society and helping in sustaining the environment through our co-operate social responsibly.

This is being achieved through:

  • Engaging our host communities on community development activities and providing jobs to indigenes within our areas of operation.
  • Encouraging local companies, patronizing and supporting indigenous through use of locally made items and consumables.
  • Ensuring that our activities do not directly or indirectly affect the environment by performing our job in environmentally friendly ways. Properly recycling wastes and hazardous materials.
  • Discouraging any forms of discrimination of individuals based on their gender race, religion, ethnicity, ability or disability and sexual orientation. We believe that the fundamental human rights of individuals are sacrosanct.
  • Engaging in fair dealings with all stakeholders and promoting good labor practices with our personnel, the government and host community.

man inspecting pipe