HSE Policy

Topscan Inspections limited, in recognition of the importance of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) will carry out all works and activities in a way to eliminate incident, accident or injury to personnel or loss of materials during and after project execution.

Installation and other inspection activities shall be diligently pursued with all safety consciousness; the environmental impact shall be assessed to minimize health hazards to works and other members of the public within the vicinity

We shall plan and execute our jobs in accordance with the client Health, Safety and Environmental policy. Jobs that would be performed without due regards to this HSE policy shall immediately be suspended.

To ensure strict compliance to HSE policy, our staff will attend HSE courses as may be organized by Topscan Inspections Ltd, the client management or other recognized safety organizations.

We shall ensure that all staff on a project site wears correct protective equipment like safety shoes, hardhat, hand gloves, hearing protection, safety glasses, etc. as may be required on any particular operations to be executed.

Our company shall help in the promotion of Health, Safety and Environment both at home and work place and accept the responsibility of providing procedures for safe operation at all times.