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The need for expertise, experience and the knowledge of relevant legislation, QA/QC and NDT techniques has become a major need in the manufacturing and Oil and Gas industries today. The need to get specialist advice and direction during the construction  revision of assets, while ensuring that human and environmental safety are maintained against a background of cost control has become a major factor being considered by managers in the industry today.

TOPSCAN provides consultancy service to client in areas of new construction through support in inspection services and also in maintaining the integrity of client assets. Our services are designed to be used in a wide range of environments, which includes: Large Industrial Structures, Vessels, Tanks, Dams, Bridges, Wind Towers, Commercial Buildings, Ships, Amusement Park Rides, and more…

We provide

  • Inspection planning and Execution
  • QA in Fabrication including as providing Quality Assurance Plan ( QAP) , Inspection and Test Plan ( ITP ) , Standards, Drawings , Codes & Specifications as per P.O. requirements.
  • Welding Inspection services including Welding Procedure, Welding Inspection support, Welding Process Selection, Selection of Welding Equipment and associated services.
  • Repair and replacement planning.
  • Fitness for service assessment.
  • Inspection services damage assessment.
  • RBI implementation/progress assessment.
  • Fire and Damage Assessments of plant assets following an incident.
  • Expert Witness.
  • Risk Analysis.
  • Fire and Damage Analysis.
  • Root cause analysis and fracture analysis.
  • Process review and design verification.