Manpower Supply

TOPSCAN provides inspection and QA/QC service personnel with requisite qualification and field experience to the oil and gas; marine, manufacturing and power generation sectors. Our highly trained personnel are locally sourced to meet the demands of the local content requirements while delivering world-class services. Our personnel helps provide your inspection needs during construction and in-service phase of your project while helping to meet client’s safety and quality requirements.

TOPSCAN provides a ready pool of personnel which eliminates the need for hiring, training and induction of new employees as our team already meets the necessary requirements, skill-set and exposure needed in the industry for premium service delivery and performance.

Our team of personnel include:

  • Certified API Inspectors
  • Certified Welding and Coating Inspectors.
  • Plants Inspectors
  • Conventional and Advanced NDT personnel.
  • QA/QC Personnel and Auditors.
  • Rope Access personnel with varied skills and specializations.
  • Lifting and Scaffolding Inspectors
  • OCTG Inspectors
  • Heat Treatment Personnel.