Manufacturing & Power Generation

With the growing need for inspection services in the manufacturing and power generation sector and the shift to inspection-based maintenance system in running plants, having  a quality inspection team with requisite knowledge and experience is key in this fast changing sector driven by technological innovations.

TOPSCAN helps in meeting the need for plant operators to constantly maintain their equipment and machinery ensuring their system runs at optimum capacity through inspection services during shutdowns, turn-around maintenance and while the plant is running (in-service inspection). We help the client in saving cost of power plant operation and maintenance due to process interruption, unplanned shut-downs and damaged machinery parts in operation by effectively tracking equipment and built-in inspection services while operation is ongoing.  We help our clients in maintain the Integrity, safety and reliability of their plants through our robust inspection services.

power generation

With our team of experienced and qualified plant inspectors, ASME/API certified pressure vessels, process piping and storage tank inspector, welding inspectors and ASNT/PCN certified NDT technician; we provide services in the areas of:

  • Boiler and pressure vessel Inspection.
  • Heat exchanges, feed water heaters and condensers Inspection using ECT, RFT and IRS.
  • Atmospheric above ground tank inspection.
  • Turbo machinery inspection using conventional and advanced NDT methods.
  • Drone and remote visual Inspection for remote and dangerous areas.
  • Verification and Calibration of Automatic Measuring Equipment.