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The growing importance placed on material inspection against the backdrop of a strong focus placed on quality assurance of structural and mechanical components operating in demanding application environments has driven the need for inspection services. In addition to stringent safety regulations and quality standards, other factors driving the need for NDT include ageing infrastructure worldwide which is spurring the importance of structural health monitoring (SHM) of bridges, tunnels for signs of wear & tear, fatigue, corrosion, and stress; and growing manufacturing competitiveness and the ensuing focus on asset integrity and quality of manufactured products which is critical to the Oil and Gas Industry today. Inspection of oil and gas assets is fundamental to the construction and fabrication; maintenance and life extension of installations and ensuring that such assets meet the quality requirements. TOPSAN inspections limited provides complete Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspection solutions with intelligent and precise measurement and testing systems, in both conventional and advanced NDT methods covering all stages of Oil and Gas production ranging from upstream Offshore and Onshore mining to downstream petroleum products distribution.

The NDT industry is fast changing, advances in technology and emerging trends has made quality service delivery a premium in the oil and gas industry.  We are driven to set global standards in precision measurement for our NDT services which are suited to client and regulatory requirements and meets up with applicable standards in quality and safety. Our experienced and qualified personnel steers the client on the best and applicable NDT solution needed to meet up with operational requirements.

Our experienced team are driven to deliver quality services in:

    • Magnetic testing (MT)
    • Penetrant Testing (PT)
    • Conventional Radiographic Testing (RT) and Digital/Computerized Radiographic Testing.
    • Leak Testing.
    • Conventional Ultrasonic Testing (UT) and Advanced Ultrasonic testing in PAUT and TOFD for weld inspection and corrosion mapping.
    • Electromagnetic testing (ET) with Eddy current, Magnetic flux Leakage (MFL), Alternating current field for Welds and manufactured products.
    • Electromagnetic testing (ET) with IRIS/RFT/NFT for Tube testing in Heat exchangers, Air Coolers and tubing.
    • Electromagnetic testing (ET) with Pulsed Eddy Current for Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) Measurement.
    • Thermal/Infrared Inspection of Components.
    • PMI Services.