Quality Policy

TOPSCAN Inspections Limited strives to provide world-class and top-notch Inspection services in the fast-changing oil and gas, and related industries by bridging the gap created by the growing need for qualified and experienced inspection personnel, leveraging on emerging and innovative technologies, as we evolve with the changing times, while keeping to our commitments for quality delivery, service cost as well as statutory and regulatory requirements.

In order to achieve this, we shall:

  • Always give the customer the first place in our service delivery process, starting with identifying and meeting customer’s requirement;
  • Engage the services of qualified personnel and take steps to improve their competence;
  • Use customer feedback to develop and continually improve the quality of our products and services;
  • Meet all applicable codes ,standards and specifications of international organizations, and also the requirement of contracts, national authorities, clients and/or other lawful authorities;
  • Take appropriate steps to continually improve the quality management system;
  • Always adhere to statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • The quality policy is communicated, understood and supported throughout the organisation, and linked to consistent quality objectives.