Rope Access Inspection & Support

With the now increasing need for the use of rope access techniques for executing work at height and remote locations, the use of well trained and highly experienced IRATA rope-access technicians has been an essential requirement during inspection and other support services. Rope access has become a better alternative providing a safer, cost-effective, efficient and versatile means of access as compared to conventional access methods like scaffolding and platforms.


TOPSCAN Provides highly experienced rope access inspectors and other support crew requiring specialized rope access capabilities in:

  • Rope Access Inspection services using Conventional and Advanced NDT, Corrosion Mapping and in-service Inspection for oil and gas installations.
  • Rigging and lifting projects.
  • Maintenance and repair activities in offshore structures, towers and stacks.
  • Painting campaigns, fabric maintenance and corrosion control services.
  • Flare maintenance and tip replacement.
  • Welding and fabrication using rope access.
  • Electrical and piping works.
  • Crane and derrick installation and repairs.
  • Offshore facilities installations.
  • DROPS Surveys.
  • Specialized Rope Access services and rescues.